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Midweek Lunch

During the Fall we’ve always met for Midweek Gathering for dinner, but this year we’ll mix it up a little bit. We’ll have Midweek from 12:30-2 PM every Wednesday in the Youth area and we’ll provide spaces for lunch, fellowship, and homework/studying. In the best interests of those that attend, the Youth area is being rearranged to promote an atmosphere of community and safe social distancing. While at the church the following protocol will be in place:

 1. Masks are required at the church and will remain on unless you’re eating lunch.

2. Youth that show symptoms of COVID-19 are asked to stay home. 

3. Temperatures will be taken via a non-contact thermometer upon entering the building.


Aldersgate is adhering to the following protocol: 

1. All doors will be left open in the building to reduce contact.

2. The Youth area will be sanitized before and after every Youth gathering. 

3. Masks will available in the event someone does not have one.

4. The Youth area will be set up to abide by church created guidelines. 

 Midweek Lunch will begin on August 12th at 12:30 P.M and will go until the first 9 weeks of school are completed. From there we’ll reassess. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out!

 Midweek Lunch will meet Wednesdays, August 19—October 7


Sunday Night Gatherings

We’ll be meeting on Sunday evenings, but those obviously won’t be what they have been in the past. We’ll be meeting under the pavilion behind the CAC from 5-6 in what will be a very condensed version of our usual Sunday evening gatherings. We’ll meet for dinner, games, and bible study under the pavilion and be done by 6 PM every Sunday. The same guidelines in place for Midweek Lunches will be in place for our Sunday evening gatherings. 

 While these plans have been made, I’m completely aware of the ever-changing nature of COVID-19 and our city and state’s response to it. We’ll closely monitor all changes and developments frequently and change/cancel any gatherings as we see fit.

 Sunday Night Gatherings at the Pavilion will meet Sundays,  August 16—October 11