Discernment Updates

Dear Aldersgate Family,

As part of our commitment to keeping you updated on the discernment process, we are writing today with an important update... You will recall that, in May of 2023, in accordance with the Annual Conference’s policy, we requested District Superintendent Dr. Jeff Wilson to schedule a church conference to conduct a vote of our congregation to determine whether Aldersgate would disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church.

You will also recall that, in June of this year, we were notified that the requirements to be able to enter discernment and consider disaffiliation changed substantially. The Aldersgate Leadership Council and the Discernment team cooperated fully with the Annual Conference Board of Trustees’ new requirements. They provided a Letter of Eligibility and Good Faith, the Fair Process statement, and a copy of our congregation roll. All documents were provided by July 7, 2023.

On Monday, September 25, 2023, we finally received notice from the District Superintendent denying Aldersgate’s request for a church conference to hold a congregational vote. The District Superintendent’s letter states that the Board of Trustees has indicated that our congregation does not meet the terms and conditions for disaffiliation under ¶2553. Therefore, the Board of Trustees does not intend to establish a disaffiliation agreement with our congregation.

According to the Conference’s Board of Trustees, our Discernment team and ALC properly followed the prescribed Disaffiliation Process; however, they determined that the eligibility statement provided by Aldersgate United Methodist Church (6015) did not comply with the eligibility requirements of ¶2553. The Trustees did not explain why Aldersgate did not comply with the eligibility requirements, nor did it provide why we will not meet the terms and conditions for disaffiliation. To our knowledge, several churches submitted their information as well. We know the vast majority have also been denied, with only a small number being approved. In the coming weeks, we will request a meeting with the District Superintendent and the Aldersgate Leadership Council to discuss this determination.

As we move forward from this decision of the Annual Conference, we know this decision leaves many questions and concerns. Let us remind ourselves that Aldersgate’s mission remains active, and our work to share Jesus remains. We pray you’ll continue to live out this mission in worship with us at Aldersgate.

In His Service,

The Aldersgate Discernment Team,

Jennifer Elmore, Wendy Askew, Julia Stevenson, Joe Guillot, George Mingledorff

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 Town Hall

As part of the Discernment Process, the District Superintendent presided over a Town Hall on April 19 at 6:15pm in the Sanctuary. Prior to the meeting, our Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Jeff Wilson, had requested everyone watch the following two videos.

 The Episcopal Address of Bishop David Graves at Annual Conference 2022.

  Q&A with Bishop David Graves from March 2022.