At the January 29, 2023 meeting of the Aldersgate Leadership Council, your leadership unanimously voted to enter into the discernment process for disaffiliation from the United Methodist Church as provided by the Alabama-West Florida Annual Conference. To be clear, the ALC 's decision is only to begin formal exploration of disaffiliation. Any decision on action to disaffiliate would come through a Church Conference vote of all professing members in attendance followed by a vote at a session of the Annual Conference.

A Discernment Team has been designated by the Aldersgate Leadership Council. That Discernment Team includes Jennifer Elmore (Chairperson, ALC), Joe Guillot(Vice Chairperson, ALC), Wendy Askew (Lay Leader), George Mingledorff (Lay Member of Annual Conference), Julia Stevenson (Chairperson, Finance), and Brian Miller (Senior Minister). The Discernment Team will have three primary responsibilities, including (1) gathering the best and most detailed information regarding disaffiliation, (2) creating a plan for Town Halls and information sessions for the congregation, and (3) communicating the process, key issues, and the most helpful information to the congregation.

 If you have questions about the Discernment Process, please visit our FAQ page. Any further questions can be emailed to [email protected].

Discernment Information Updates

We are grateful for the good turnout at our Information Session #1. Between the two offerings, nearly 90 people came to this important meeting. If you at all are able, your participation in these sessions is of great importance for our team. Hearing your thoughts and receiving your questions are important parts of our work.

Remember that information will continue to be added to If you have any questions or comments, please email [email protected].

4/11 – 6:30pm – Town Hall led by District Superintendent

4/23 – 3:00pm – Information Session #3 (Sanctuary)

5/21 - 3:00pm - Information Session #4 (Sanctuary)

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Information Session #1

Information Session #2

 Town Hall

As part of the Discernment Process, the District Superintendent will preside over a Town Hall on April 11 at 6:30pm in the Sanctuary. Prior to the meeting, our Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Jeff Wilson, had requested everyone watch the following two videos.


The Episcopal Address of Bishop David Graves at Annual Conference 2022.


A Q&A with Bishop David Graves from March 2022.