We are excited about returning to in-person worship on August 30. The COVID-19 Team will continue to monitor the illness in Montgomery in case in-person worship is no longer a safe option. If you are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 due to age or existing health issues, we urge you to stay home and enjoy online worship.

 What Can I Expect?

+ Enter by Atrium door or Program door on East side of campus.

+ Masks are required at all times when inside building.

+ Nursery & children’s church will not be offered at this time.

+ Restroom use is for emergency situations. So, go before you go.

+ Attendance will be taken, insuring that we have the best contact info for every family.

+ Worship at 10:30am is the only gathering happening at the church.

+ Seating will be at the ends of pews with every other row being skipped.

+ Singing will be limited to those on the sanctuary platform.

 For more detail, see the document below.


Timeline for return of other in-person experiences:
(Timeline is subject to change.)

  •  August 30 - Return to In-Person Worship at 10:30am in the sanctuary.
  • September 13 - Sunday School Classes, Bible Studies, and other discipleship Small Groups can schedule times to meet in church building at times other than Sunday morning.
  • September - 27 - Administrative and ministry teams return to in-person meetings.
  • October 11 - Other Aldersgate Ministry groups can schedule times to meet other than Sunday morning.