Additional policies may apply, depending on the nature of the event. 


Reserving a Date: Reserving a date for your event must be arranged with the church office staff.

Communicating Specifics: At the time of your reservation please give the church office staff as many specifics about your event as possible, i.e., the number of attendants, seating and tables required, lighting or sound needed, etc.


A wedding coordinator approved by the church will assist your wedding planner or traditionally direct the ceremony. Two Sunday School rooms will be provided as dressing rooms the day of the ceremony.

The marriage license should be obtained and delivered to the minister 72 hours before the  ceremony. The minister will file for the wedding certificate following the ceremony.

The ministers of the church require pre-marital counseling for all couples. This will be arranged with the performing minister.



· Candles: Candles can not be used , flameless candles are permitted. Steps should be taken to protect furniture and floors from damage. The church has candelabras available for use.

· Flowers: If placing floral arrangements on the altar, nothing should be in front of the cross. Flowers must be removed immediately following the event. Please have your florist contact the church office for deliveries.

· Wall Decorations: Decorations should not be hung in a manner that could harm the walls. Existing decorations may be removed with approval but must be replaced as they were following the event.

· Furniture: The altar and baptismal fountain may not be moved. Any other furnishings may be moved with prior approval.


For weddings the musical selection must be approved by the ministers in the church.      Organists and pianists not employed by the church must be approved by the Minister of Music.

Only technicians provided by the church may operate the church’s sound equipment.

Additional Policies

· Children cannot be left unsupervised during events. Child care can be scheduled if needed. The church is a Safe Sanctuary facility.

· A building use form must be completed by the person in charge of the event and submitted to the church office at the time of scheduling.