Aldersgate United Methodist Church Permanent Endowment Program

Four-Step Endowment Checklist

The following information applies to the Aldersgate United Methodist Church (UMC) Permanent Endowment Program (PEP) and is provided to assist church members with the endowment process. 

Step One

Become familiar with the ministries that are available in the Aldersgate UMC PEP.  Request a PEP Brochure and review the information.  The Permanent Endowment Fund (PEF) Committee is available to answer any questions you may have--or find the answers--about the endowment program and assist you during the endowment process.

Step Two

Determine the amount (dollars or percent of estate) you want to contribute and the endowment fund where you want to direct your gift:

-  $$$ or % Permanent Endowment Fund (needs determined by Church Leadership)

-  $$$ or % Mission Endowment Fund (missions in and beyond local church)

-  $$$ or % Property Endowment Fund (care and maintenance of facilities)

-  $$$ or % Donor/Purpose Named Endowment Fund (for example:  Youth, Music, Food Pantry, etc.).  Minimum donation of $25,000 required to establish a Donor/Purpose Named Endowment Fund.  No minimum for the other funds.   

Step Three

There are basically two ways you can donate to the PEP.  You can make a Direct Gift of cash, investment securities, real or personal property or a Legacy Gift such as a bequest in a Will, designating the PEF as a beneficiary in a life/term insurance policy or annuity, etc.  The attached Donation Guidelines are provided to assist you with information on each gift and suggested wording, if applicable.

Step Four

If you desire and the PEF Committee encourages you to do so, please provide the PEF Committee with information of a Legacy Gift so the church can appropriately thank you and have a record of your gift.  We will respect your privacy and only acknowledge publicly your name(s) and donation with your signed authorization to release--but never the dollar amount. Legacy Gift to Permanent Endowment Program Form (bequests in a Will, beneficiary designation in a life/term insurance policy or annuity, etc.) is attached.