Did you know that much of your child’s development occurs before Kindergarten?  Teeny Tykes & Tunes is research based, educationally sound and has been proven to be a vital and exciting program through which parents can help their children grow and develop. Imagine having the opportunity to interact with your baby and toddlers as they learn:

♫♫  social skills,

♫♫  music fundamentals,

♫♫ language development,

♫♫ reading readiness,

♫♫ math readiness,

♫♫ small and large motor skills,

♫♫ and most of all…that God loves them and He made them to be very special!

Find out how these essential elements of growth and development in every child’s life are promoted Find out how these essential elements of growth and development in every child’s life are promoted through this outstanding music program designed to enrich the lives of our little ones and our families.   Teeny Tykes and Tunes  will be offered at Aldersgate on Wednesday nights beginning August 23 from 5:45 to 6:15.  A class will be offered for Babies through Toddlers led by our Weekday Children’s Ministries Music Teacher, Rebekah Bye, and another class will be offered for Preschoolers through age 5 by Rev. Steve Badskey and Ashley Acreman.  Our babies class is designed for parents or grandparents to have intentional interaction and bonding time each week with their babies and toddlers.  All participating families will receive a CD of the curriculum songs to sing along at home and in the car.  Families are invited to join us for Wednesday Night Dinner, Conversation and Community gatherings each Wednesday beginning August 23 (supper is served between 5:15 and 6:00 – box meals are available).  

This faith-based music curriculum features carefully selected action songs, bounces (for babies), finger-plays, Bible songs and stories that will give children the opportunity to wiggle, giggle, and learn about God!  The primary objective of Teeny Tykes & Tunes is to provide a faith-based music curriculum for infants and toddlers that will help make music and spiritual activity a part of every child's daily life.  You can sign up on our website at www.aldersgateumc.org or by email Rev. Steve Badskey, steve@aldersgateumc.org

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